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Michael Davitt Museum

The students from 5th and 6th Class visited the Michael Davitt Museum in Straide recently along with their Class teacher Mr. Alan Regan and Anne Mulroy. The museum is located in the historic village of Straide between Ballyvary and Foxford and it is housed in a magnificently restored pre-Penal Church that was used prior to the enactment of the 1690’s Penal laws which were more commonly known as popery laws. Straide Abbey is also located in the grounds. Paddy was our tour guide for the day and he transported us back in time to relive the the Land War and the life of Michael Davitt including some very interesting artefacts like letters written by Davitt to his mother and his children. The students got to see an evil looking baynott up close, they even got to hold a real gun which was used during war times. Very enjoyable visit and thank you to all the museum staff for their help on the day.



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