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Our School Magazine 

We are very proud of our annual school magazine and in the summer of 2008 we published our 10th and final edition as we gave way to the advancement of new technology and the rebirth of our updated school web site.

The magazine was established in the summer of 1999 with a view to offering an insight into the school and more importantly, the children in it. As such, entering into its 10th year, the magazine provided us with a unique historical lens with which to view our own recent history. The class of '99 have since completed their leaving-cert with many going on to 3rd level education and already, some of that cohort are out in the world of employment, spreading their influence and talents to many.

The school itself has witnessed a great many changes since the turn of the century and our magazine chronicles all of these with care. Achievements on the educational and sporting fields, among others, are recorded and archived for all to see. Each edition required a huge amount of work from staff and students alike and the magazine continued to grow over the years with the dedication of the whole school community.

The magazine was established with the foresight and enthusiasm of Mr Michael Healy and that it continued to flourish is our tribute to him. Following the untimely passing of Mr Healy, Ms Áine Henry assumed the role of editor. Her industrious and careful handling secured its continued development and growth. Were it not for the meticulous and painstaking work of Ms Henry and our secretary Mrs Ann Mulroy, our publication would surely have fallen by the wayside many years ago. 

Scroll down to view the front covers of the 10 editions of our School Magazine.  Each opens out into a larger image. 

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