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Danny Charlton 
From 2001 to 2009, our school web site was neglected and it was in a sad and sorry state until Danny Charlton decided to do something about it early in 2009. He undertook the task of redesigning and regenerating the web site which was originally set up by Michael Healy. 

We would like to sincerely thank Danny for the wonderful job and all the hard work and long hours that he put into updating the site. It now looks well, is user friendly and it is also easy for the staff to keep it updated. 

Danny left many memories behind him in Bohola. His success with sport in the school is there to be seen by all but there were many other achievements which quietly took place over his years with us. We have included here some photos taken over this time. In seeking out these shots, we tried to stay away from the sporting events because they have been already well and truly recorded but we tried to get all the other pics which he probably has well forgotten about and which most people have never seen. Hope you enjoy them and we hope that they bring back good memories for everybody. 
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